About Grandmaster Jun Lee

Born into a prominent Tae Kwon-Do family in South Korea, Jun Lee continues the family legacy by dedicating his life in practicing and developing the art/sport of Tae Kwon-Do. In 1982, Jun Lee came to the US to further his University study and to train more in depth in the areas of traditional Korean martial arts under the world famous Grandmaster HK Lee of Northern Virginia. Martial Arts World (the martial arts industry premier magazine) described Jun Lee as "a leader for the next generation", "undeniably traditional", "A great example of the new leadership emerging in the martial arts that combines the traditional values of the East with the modern innovations of the West" Tae Kwon Do News, published in Korea, highlighted Jun Lee as “a pioneer, a scholar, a passionate teacher and a skilled master”. He attended University of Seoul before coming to America and completed his academics at George Mason University majoring in Economics. He then later extended his academic studies in Education and also in Business Administration. Black Belt World, founded by Jun Lee now impacts on lives of mankind in various parts of the world.

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